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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my website and my world.'re planning to write a book? That's the exact plan I had eleven years ago. Worked for me! Yep, I've published five novels My books are melting pots--like a stew, something for everybody. (I like fiction, juicy page turners with a little steam, gossip, humor, romance, the town tramp, medical issues, good men, bad women, parenting, and a little astrology).

My novels titled Departures, Connecting, The Bitch Tried to Steal My Husband's Body, Lust, Lies and Two Wives, and Arrivals have changed my life. They've made me and a lot of folks real happy.

I've learned a lot since being the new kid on the block way back when, and if you are looking to get published, fortunately I'm wearing some extra hats these days. I'm equipped to show you the ropes. I can assist you in creating a page turner that could land your books in all the leading bookstores, on, as well as all those phenomenal reading gadgets that we so luv these days.


You've simply got to show up to me with a good storyline, some common sense, a working brain, a big dose of determination, add some committment, and throw in a willingness to listen and learn. And, you must believe in yourself. If you have all that, we should have a chat and I'll explain more of the details.


I specialize in first run editing, (the raw stuff) and I also in the end I can assist in creating the jacket copy (the teaser on the back of your book when its finally done, which will entice consumers to buy your book.) You'll have me to help create your synopsis, (a summary of your book) which will be required by your professional editor. In the beginning, I'll complete first read throughs to give my opinion on whether or not you'll be quitting your day job.


I can definitely assist you in developing your characters, descriptions and give you some great marketing tips. You'll also need to know a lot of "do's and dont's" and you must----you sooo must have some marketing skills. You've got to sell yourself, baby. In the end, you'd better to able to lift yourself up.

You got that? If you're lazy--you're in the wrong business. I was once told "God will move mountains for you--but he expects you to bring a shovel."


I am fair and honest, reliable and a hard worker. If you're"all that," you're going to know it from me and if you're not, I'm gonna set you free--early in the game. That's how the publishing world grew me up. I'm passing it on to you. It's tough and cold out there, however, doors do open to warm us up if we're qualified and have something special and unique to sell.

If you think you've got it, you can find out more about me

on or E-mail me


See ya!!


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