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My Favorite Songs

Everything Stevie Wonder

Everything Bill Withers

Everything Bruno Mars

Knocks Me Off My Feet--Stevie Wonder

If I Could--Regina Bell

I'm Gonna Have My Cake and Eat It Too--Teena Marie

I Am So Into You--Atlanta Rythm Band

Loves Makes A Woman--Phoebe Snow

No Regrets--Phoebe Snow

I Saw You and Him Walking In The Rain--Orange Juice Jones

When Somebody Loves You Back--

Teddy Pendergrass

The Gambler-Kenny Rogers

Being With You-Smokey Robinson

Solid As A Rock-Ashford and Simpson

We Are One- Frankie Beverly and


Isn't It a Shame--Patti Labelle

My Favorite Actors

Michael B. Jordan

Frances McDormand

Kevin Hart

Melissa Leo

Robert Downey Jr.

Regina King

Andra Day

Alec Baldwin

Meryl Streep

Alfre Woodard

Kathy Bates

Denzel Washington

Marisa Tomei

Armand Assante

Jennifer Anniston

Jack Nicholson

Terrence Howard

Clint Eastwood

Kelly Ripa

Viola Davis

Jada Pinkett Smith

Michael Douglas

Samuel L. Jackson

Al Pachino

Robert DeNiro

George Clooney

Jamie Foxx

Connie Stevens

Billy Bob Thornton

Wesley Snipes

Kate Winslet

Favorite Travel Destinations

The Caribbean-Puerto Rico, St. Maartin and Barbados


New York City

Las Vegas


Easton, Ohio





New Orleans


Disney World

Washington D.C.

Favorite Movies

Before I even get started, I have to shout a lot of people out. Thank you God for the movies True Story and The Harder They Fall. Wesley Snipes did an extraordinary job in True Story. He played that part so well that I don't even want Kevin Hart to hang around with Wesley Snipes in real life LOL. And, in the movie The Harder They Fall, everyone deserves an Academy Award. 

The Gift

Bird Cage

Set It Off

An American Gangster


Million Dollar Baby

Hustle and Flow

Why Did I Get Married


Lackawanna Blues

A Family That Preys


Jerry Maguire

Everything Michael B. Jordan


Labor Day


The hit ABC television show comedy, Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire, The Talk, X-Factor, sharing, giving presents, children, long talks with God, hotels, shooting the breeze with my friends,cooking, money, laughter,my brother Ralph, and writing. People with excellent manners, my very eventful life--day to day, Broadway shows, spoiling people, people who send thank you notes, sleepovers, a person with a plan, reading about astrology, legal and medical issues, and deep sea fishing. Vanity Fair Magazine, the National Enquirer, Real Simple Magazine and Marie Claire--late in the evening when I want to unwind. I luv shopping, honesty, my dogs (Nicco and Dallas), take charge men, always knowing what the deal is, being independent, costume jewelry, and feeling safe. Those Latino men are HOT, I luv planning parties, being a news junkie, Bijan, Pure, Valentino and Aromatics by Clinique perfumes. Kelly Ripa, Sinbad, Sheryl Underwood, Chris Rock and Mrs. Oz make me laugh out loud! I have to get on Jerry Murphy, M.D.'s nerves and Anthony J. Baratta, Esquire's nerves in order for my life to run smoothly. I love a good debate, my doctor and my attorney. I love a well run company, fighting for my rights and everybody else's, being a private investigator and hunting for clues, psychics, and a person with a firm handshake who looks dead into my eyes--that shows character. I like being psychic, taking a nice hot bath and acting on a hunch, Frank, my haiir stylistis a magician and da bomb, taking a nap during the day, hugging people, wig shopping, pajamas--(yes, I often go out in pajamas). I luv handbags, cursing people out when they need it, people who are on time for appointments, being an early riser (5:30 a,m,), my Garmin GPS System, and getting on Regina and Alia's nerves. My thing is holding court in places bragging about my books--( I meet a lot of folks that way and I do love people), seafood, my girlfriends (the ones who just freaking know me and understand me, the ones who can curse me out, the ones who stop and help when I need them). Kudos to Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden, Tom Joyner, J. Anthony Briown, Patti Jackson, Oprah and The Oprah Show, President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama, and my test readers. I so enjoy celebrating the birthdays of my friends and family. I love my neice, Keena, and my dreams--Lord Have Mercy, I HAVE some Dreams. They are all coming true, too. Let's not forget Diane Sawyer, (she has incredible manners like her girlfriend Oprah), ohers who light up my life are Ellen, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, cops, (yep, I love police officers), leaving a nice tip, telling people stories to make them laugh, drama, intelligence, playing poker, and Grey's Anatomy, The Bernie Mac Show and Bernie, ( I sooo miss you, Baby). Give me Boston Legal, a good bottle of wine, my personality and my ability to simply walk up to people and start a converstion because I am not inhibited or shy. I love my heart and my willingness to share, be generous and make people laugh. People swear I could do stand up. I love juicy gossip every now and then, people who keep their word, calling my friends, attorneys and doctors and blurting out "Guess what happened!" I love Micheal Jackson and I really, really miss him. I ain't never gonna get over that. And, Lord Have Mercy...Whitney.....There are no words. We have nicknamed my puppy Nicco, "Nippy." Guess what? He answers....just like she did. And, he is a cute as her. Often, as I go about my day and "I Look To You" is humming in my brain....reminding me of Whitney. Sleep tight, Baby. 

Here are my Girlfriends!


Being told "No," people who have personal hygiene problems, people tryng to get over on me, people who don't thank me or acknowledge a kind gesture, going through a lot of bullshit for nothing, disrespectful children, receiving bad service when I am paying my money, searching for things, when Regina and Alia wake me up late at night and don't want a damn thing, pork products, waiting in line, being locked out, highway driving, drunk drivers, stupid people, drugs, thieves, two faced people, people who call only when they want something, and all people abusers.


Dear Lord,

       So far today, I'm doing all right. I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish, or self-indulgent. I have not whined, complained, cursed, or eaten any chocolate. I have charged nothing on my credit card.

       But, I will be getting out of bed in a minute, and I think that I will really need your help then.

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