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Save the Children

By Gil Scott-Heron

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If you're driving through the country on a lazy afternoon

Or you're watching your children playin' after school

They seem to be so unaware of I know I know

The things that they soon have to take care of



We got to do something yeah to save the children

Soon it will be their test to try and save the world

Right now they seem to play such a small part of

The things that they soon be right at the heart of


My little Tommy he said he wants to be a fireman

And little Mary she said she got to teach at school

If we know or we say we know about the problems ohohoh

Why can't we do something to try and solve them

We got to do something yeah to save the childrenTo save the children

To save the children

Soon it will be their test to try and save the world

We got to do something yeah to save the children

Hey People!

It's Adrienne at the door.

Everyone who knows me knows I love children. This is why you find kids of all ages in my novels as characters. Also, you know a lot of parenting goes on in the Adrienne Bellamy books. My fans love Horace's parenting skills the best.

Below you'll find some children who are very special to me and whose parents and grandparents are very close to my heart. Get acquainted with my family. Here they come! 

Hi! I'm Max Snellenburg. I'm 8 years old and a Pisces. Susie is also my Grandmom!

I play a lot of baseball.

Hi! I'm Mia Snellenburg and I'm 6 years old. I'm an Aries like my Grandma, Susie. She works as a Test Reader for Adrienne!

Despite my position, I'm really a Ballarina!

Honor Hilliard

Hello!! I'm am 16 months old. My Grandmother is Shadiyah Abdur-Raheem. She's worked with Adrienne from the very beginning--in the 90's. My Daddy is Darien and he is Adrienne's Godchild.

These 3 are trouble with a capital "T." Adrienne's neighbors that she adopted.

Charli is an Aries and she is upside down. Gabby is a Leo and she's in the middle. D.J. is our Aries man.

Hello World! I'm Aurelius and I am a 5 year old Leo. That's right, I'm King of the jungle.

I love to read and swim and play a lot of video games. I'm also a computer tech. I'm very mischievious. Adrienne is "Nina" to me. She's my other grandmother. She adopted me. My "Tisa" (my grandma Lisa Noel) has been a test reader for Nina for a long, long, time. That was before I was born.

I'm Dion Turpin

I'm five months old on this shot. I'm a Capricorn born on New Year's Day. Way to go, Mom! My Mommy is Tonya Tinsley and he has been holding it down for Adrienne as a Test Reader since 2006.

It's Dion Turpin Again

Here's my graduation picture from High School. As you can see, I grew up a little.

Dion The Cool Man. I'm 24 now!

I'm in college. I'm doing great and Adrienne checks on me a lot. I know if I get in any traffic jams in life--I can go to live at Adrienne's.

I'm Darien. Adrienne is my Godmother.

You met Honor, my youngest son above. Here are the other two!

Hi! I'm Ari. I'm Adrienne's niece.

I was 4 years old in this picture. I'm now 18.

Ricky, Tami and Ari

Ralph Travick is Adrienne's brother and test reader. Here are his kids, Ricky and Tami and his grandaughter, Ari.

I'm Dani. I'm 5 years old here

I'm a Leo. My Mommy was carrying me in her tummy when she met Adrienne. I'm 17 now. Reddheads sure do have a lot of fun!!

Meet Me! I'm 5 years old here--Andrew the Leo.

Adrienne was my nanny for 2 years. She used to take me to school and make me dinner! This is me in one of her bedrooms!

It's me--Andrew again!

This is me and Adrienne in her driveway. I was spoiled rotten. I'm 18 years old now. Adrienne misses me. We moved very far away from Pennsylvania.

Alia Bellamy--Leo on the left and Nephew Lloyd on the right--Pisces Man.

We are in Disney World. Alia, Adrienne's daughter and Alia's nephew is Lloyd.

Alia-age 4

I'm all dressed up looking like my Aunt Eula Bellamy.

Alia Bellamy - age 8

I always was a bar fly. This is me at home. You know the Leo's are party animals. I've got one of my Mom's dresses on---and a wig!!!

The Current Bellamy Children--Nicco (Kneeco) and Dallas. They are Yorkie Poos and will be 2 in May of 2012.

Dallas belongs to Alia and Nicco to Adrienne. Nicco has recently been nicknamed "Nippy" for Whitney. These are the dogs that inspired the novel Adrienne is writing titled "Hot Dogs." All four of us (Adrienne, Alia, Nicco and Dallas) were in a horrible fire in 2010. Praise God--everyone made it out alive. Alia saved Nicco's life that day. He was hiding under a sofa when the house was ablaze. Alia went in after him. Nicco is the Blond and Dallas the Black pup.

Alia the College Student in 2002

18 Years Old and on the go back in the day. Currently still studying.

Micah Sade Boyd--Sagg-I'm a Risk Taker

I'm 2 years old. My Grandmother (Mum Mum) is Cool Connie Gordon. She and Adrienne have been friends for 43 years. My Mum Mum loves Adrienne's novels and got together with two other fans and they wrote the foreword in Lust, Lies and Two Wives. I go to day care. I'm actually the STAR of the place. I'm as smart as a whip and can speak in complete sentences. My favorite movies are Tangle, Megamind, and Care Bears. I also play a little ball and my Pop Pop says when I throw it---- I "follow through." That shows I have skill.

Marley and Jericho

Marley is the sign of the Cancer. He is the shorter guy and will be two years old in June of 2012. His cousin is Jericho and he is an Aries and will celebrate his 2nd birthday on March 27, 2012. They are trying to figure out what the heck to do with this toy. These guys are our test reader Arlene Sacks Great Grandchildren.

Ilyse (E-Lease), Tanner squeezing his head in, Jeff and Jessica

Here's another part of Arlene's bunch. Ilyse is her daughter, five year old Tanner is her grandson, Jeff is Arlene's son in law and Jessica is fourteen and is Arlene's only grandaughter.

Mikayla Mitchell - 6 and Simply Adorable!

Jonita Mitchell McCree is my Grandmother. Since 2002 she's been hanging out with Adrienne and all her novels. My Grandmother is a character in two of Adrienne's novels. However, she's not the only star in our family. I'm holding up my end. I'm a Cancer just like her AND my Mommy. I love to cook and design clothing. I'm really tall like my Daddy, Harvey. I'm going to be the next Tyra Banks and in my spare trime, I may throw a basketball around like my Daddy. Sorry folks, I must bid you good bye--my busy schedule is calling.

Charlie and Irina

Charlie and Irina

Kennedy! 4 Year Old Virgo Perfectionist

Here's my Resume: I am a laptop tekky. I attend day care. I'm creative like my Auntie Adrienne so writing is a hobby of mine. I also enjoy drawing, skating and dancing. I'm great at Liturgical (praise) dancing, and am a member of a dance group. My Grandma, Regina (she's a Virgo, too) has worked on every book Auntie Adrienne has written. My Daddy is Brandon and Auntie Adrienne is his Godmother. I have a dog, Klohee and she is a Yorkie.

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