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Arrivals Has Arrived!

By Frank D. Quattrone

Ticket Editor, Montgomery Newspapers

            Ready for another roller-coaster ride? Adrienne Bellamy, the dynamic author of Departures and Connecting, and Lust, Lies and Two Wives, three novels that explore the often dysfunctional, often comical interactions among several African-American families in modern-day Philadelphia, is at it again. In Arrivals, Bellamy continues the saga of these familiar yet totally original characters as they progress, or regress, in their latest set of life-affirming trials.

             And that, after all, is where Bellamy excels. Not only do her women characters continue to express the strength, independence and resourcefulness that most humans (whatever the sex) would envy, but they also delight us with their ingenuity and totally engaging personalities. Unwilling to give in to life’s inevitable slings and arrows, they seem to feed off them as they search for, and often find, that perfect mate or a life far more rewarding than anyone has any right to expect.

The beauteous Greer, for example, a widowed graphic artist, has finally emerged from a cocoon of grief with an ingenious plan to allow her perfect freedom in her newfound sexual life — until she encounters a man who resists “perfection” and threatens to disrupt her whole utopian scheme.

             Lenora, in her fourth year in prison for performing illegal abortions, has literally discovered, or founded, Life After Death, an innovative program that brings her into close contact with death row inmates whose stories are even more valuable (would unbelievable, terrifying, edifying be more apt descriptions?) than the organs she hopes they will donate following their executions.

             And the questions multiply as Bellamy’s engaging characters deal with one problem after another — just like life, only with far more entertaining characters to keep us at our seat’s edge.

             Can Reba and Doug maintain their happy marriage when a rebellious teenager and a no-good ex-husband constantly threaten their now-fragile serenity and security?

             Will Terri be able to keep any balance in her life now that her unstable, gay, live-in housekeeper Harvey, besotted with phobias and booze, and his former landlady, toss one monkey wrench after another into her well-ordered life?

             And will the clever protagonist Amber, the heroine of the two earlier novels, continue to delight us, even though she has grown into a relatively typical teenager with plans and schemes of her own so perilous that their consequences could have lasting effects on both her and her wonderful adoptive father Horace?

             The neat thing about Bellamy’s novels is that they bring to the fore imperfect characters whose very foibles and limitations often give us reason to cheer. This is fiction, after all, and its purpose is to entertain, titillate, thrill and maybe even shock us into new awareness. Even when her characters’ decisions and goals seem questionable or unattainable, they’re always unpredictable. And Bellamy’s situations, dialogue, and character twists are nothing if not original, putting to shame much of the formulaic fiction that clogs today’s bookshelves.

             So do yourself a favor. Plunge into the interlocking stories that comprise the central core of Arrivals, and (re)discover the distinctive voice, fiery imagination and peerless electricity of one of today’s most idiosyncratic writers.


Dear Ms. Bellamy:

First I want to thank you for your wonderful work .My family members and I have decided to start our own book club and select a writer that can satisfy us all . You'll be happy to know that you were that writer, but we have a slight problem we cant find your novel Arrivals. I have already read Departures, Connecting and will enjoy reading them again but we are very anxious to read Arrivals. My aunt is 74 my cousin and I are 45&44 and I have 2 daughters 21 & 25 and we love to read your books . with such an age gap between us there is always too much of this or not enough of that you keep us all happy and anting more thanks again. on our next face-book on-line meeting (yup we're taking you to the web with us we have to come up with a power-house trilogy so your my pic :) I know my on-line soul sisters will love you just as much as me !! Please help me out with info on your novel Arrivals my e-mail address is as follows God Bless you and yours.


Well I’d Never……

When we were young “Never say never” was a favorite quote of our teachers and parents. In Arrivals, Adrienne Bellamy, while fascinating you with fast paced and intriguing storytelling, will bring that truth to a new level. Her unique perspective on multicultural realistic fiction draws the reader into the mindset of her unforgettable characters.

If you are sure you would “never” be able to understand or approve of a person who said or did certain things, you will have to reconsider. Adrienne has a unique gift for drawing you into each character’s situational viewpoint. You may be horrified at some of their actions, but it is literally impossible to detest the characters once you experience their rare and often distinctive outlook on personal incidents.

Be prepared to say “I thought I’d never….” Enjoy the roller coaster ride of an exceptional approach to the inner workings of Arrivals characters’ subjective thoughts. The images and impulses interwoven throughout the novel will delight, shock, and amuse. Adrienne has a mesmerizing talent for making the absurd seem perfectly reasonable. What appeared rational and appropriate begins to seem rigid and unjust. Be willing to love some characters you thought you never could. Remember “Never say never”; Adrienne doesn’t!

                                                                                                                        Janet Dees



I'm a first-time reader of Adrienne Bellamy, but definitely not a last! I had no idea what to expect when I began to read this book, but it far exceeded my expectations. Even though reading "Departures" and "Connecting" was not necessary to follow what was going on in "Arrivals", I can't wait to read them too. I found "Arrivals" to be an easy read; it grabbed my interest and held it throughout the entire book. I wanted to keep on reading to see what would happen next with all of the characters in this book. The only disappointment I experienced was the end of the book - only because I still wanted more!

Terri is by far my favorite character - my God, she knows how to dish out a "payback"! Don't want to say any more for fear of giving anything away - you have to read this book to find out what I'm talking about, and just let me say that you will not be disappointed.

Family man, Horace comes in second for me - definitely my kind of guy (if I was looking for one)! He really knows how to cope with all the issues of parenting and shows off his exceptional skills in a way that really kept me amused, being a mother of 4 and knowing first-hand what predicaments kids can and do get themselves into.

I don't know what to say about Greer except WOW! Just the right touch of erotica for a book of this type - there's always one, isn't there?

I love the six woman “Network”—just great examples of what friends really are!

You'll enjoy reading about all of Adrienne's other characters too. Each one has a very different, interesting, and oftentimes amusing story of his/her own.

(Way to go, A! - Love ya, girl. Can't wait to read the next one!)                             


Hello Sweetie Adrienne,

I am about half way through the book, Arrivals.

Dealing with my son has slowed me down a little

but I read it on my way out of town this past week.

Reba and the kids are a real treat for me. I can't imagine the

creative juices that went into that one...all bad kids should face

the same music...I laughed my head off...I bet they won't try

that again ...lesson well learned....Now staying with his father

will be another lesson and Mom I know will be coming out on top,


My girl Greer is too hot to handle...can't wait to see what she

does with this new man of hers...her young lover is over the top..

that's what happen when it is too hot to

about blows your mind...

Our rat man... is he for real?...was this a real person doing this?..

Girl you are something did you come up with him?

Horace is so fine I just want to jump into the page with him. A

man in control, knows how to get things done, that smooth, take

charge, no bull-crap kind of man...glad my character is attached

to him...

I like the smarts of the cancer knows what

she is doing and has a great man on her side...

When I am finished I will be sure to write my review......loving

every minute of it...can't wait to read about the big 4 day event.

Haven't read that part yet but it did bring back memories of a 4

day weekend I and all....

Take Care...if you can use any of this please know what

to do with it to make it worthy of a review...

Love You...




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