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Hey Everybody, Listen Up:

My novel, "The Bitch Tried To Steal My Husband's Body" was retitled to "Lust, Lies and Two Wives." Even though many of my customers, fans and editors absolutely LUVED the original and simply scandalous title, I do understand that the "B" word is offensive to some people and organizations. So...I have to keep everybody happy and therefore the contents of these books are sold under two different titles under two different publishing houses and have two different book covers.

"Lust, Lies and Two Wives" was published in April of 2009 through Xlibris Corporation. You may place orders directly with Xlibris by telephoning 1-888-795-4274 or at You may also purchase this novel from, at Barnes and Noble Booksellers,, and Target. The ISBN # is: 9781441511898.

I would like to reiterate if you have purchased and/or read "The Bitch Tried To Steal My Husband's Body," you should be advised that "Lust, Lies and Two Wives" is an identical novel.

"The Bitch Tried To Steal My Husband's Body" is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble Booksellers. You can also get it at, andit can be purchased on and directly from, and at You may also telephone Booksurge at 1-866-308-6235 and choose Option 6 for Customer Service. The ISBN # for the book is: 9781419693670.

Thanks, People!

Luv ya!



In her prior novels, Departures and Connecting, Adrienne Bellamy introduced a cast of unique, unforgettable characters. Now, in The Bitch Tried To Steal My Husband's Body, she has flipped the script and voila-she's delivered a delightful and intriguing caper all about love, family life, lying, cheating and not handing over the man.

The Bitch Tried to Steal My Husband's Body

While out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, on Black Friday, Denise Garner listened to the words on the other end of the phone. It was Lenny's cousin. "Listen, Denise, you need to come home. Lenny died of a heart attack yesterday." Denise immediately smelled a rat named Carolyn Monroe. She had never trusted that trollop her husband had been living with for the past fourteen years. Did Lenny indeed have a heart attack or did his bitch Carolyn have a smart attack? After all, he was worth a lot more to that wench dead than alive, so Denise estimated.

In this fiction caper, through author Adrienne Bellamy, the character Denise Garner will dazzle you. She will erupt your emotions, all of them. She has infused this book with mystery, facts, humor and intrigue, thus causing you to laugh out loud or seethe with anger. Her sheer energy alone in the investigation of the case will fascinate you. Bellamy navigates Denise step by step and blow by blow as she interrogates funeral directors, insurance claims adjusters, city officials, detectives, forensic experts, hospital personnel, pharmacists, paramedics, attorneys. You name them, she was there with her files determined to uncover facts proving that her husband was murdered.

Denise, a dynamically clever trained paralegal, a thorough researcher and a true bloodhound is a one woman show hell bent one going after the bitch Carolyn and teaching her the following lessons, more specifically: If he's got a wife, don't make him your life; A marriage license holds a lot of weight; Not with my husband-- you won't; Don't be the mistress-- that could hurt; The married man-- don't bank on him; He's not yours-- he's married; Disaster-- hook up with my husband; What the mistress gets in the end is a catastrophe; Do the wrong thing-- and bring on your dilemma; So you want my husband-- take your best shot before I crush you; there's a thin line between love and stupidity; The Turkey and the marriage license; How NOT to steal a woman's husband; and; Let the court say-- I win-- Checkmate!




Wow!, October 7, 2008

By T. James "PT" (Toledo, OH USA)

Wow! This is an unforgettable story of lies and deceit with Denise, an indomitable wife, searching for answers and retribution with a vengeance. She let nothing and no one stand in her way. Definitely a "gotta read"!

I couldn't put it down, October 2, 2008

By S. Abdur-Raheem

I couldn't put it down. It really had me going. I have read all of Ms Bellamy's books and have enjoyed everyone of them. With this book, I felt like I was reading a mystery. And I say a mystery, because I would have never suspected everything that happened, in particular about the set up with Carolyn, who would have thought that this women had all of this in her to do the things that she did.

Regarding other characters, Lenny had issues but I liked him a lot. He had character so to speak. Yes, he had issues but I could also see a kinder gentle side to him. If it wasn't for his drug and alcohol abuse, which led him to mess around, he could have really had potential as a good husband. But he wasn't going to worry me any bringing his women around his siblings and family members even though he was married. Not to mention his family condoning his behavior. I would have to say that Lenny was my favorite character along with Denise and her prying ways. This was a woman who was able to get what she wanted. Talk about the gift of gab.

I enjoyed Dale. He was a sweet guy and just what Denise needed at the time that she was going t hrough the changes that she had with Lenny. However, I felt like Denise got with Dale on the rebound, despite the manner in which he made his money. He seemed very caring and compassionate.

Now Denise, she was a piece of work. She didn't take any mess. However, I felt like she tolerated too much mess from Lenny because of her love for him. Denise was on a roll with the investigation. She became Inspector Gadget. Yes, she didn't leave any stone unturned. It amazed me how she was able to use her wit and determination to gather up so much information. I also liked the part about the joint that Denise gave to Noelle. That was too funny!

I wasn't thrilled about Jimmy. If, I recall that was the guy with the bad back who was on medication. He reminded me of someone that had some real deep seeded issues that went beyond the obvious despite the fact that he cared for Denise & Noelle.

Carolyn - I felt sorry for her. I think Lenny used her as she used him to get what she wanted. Adrienne Bellamy did an incredible job building up Carolyn's character. I must admit, I didn't like the way she was referred to as a monkey. It just made me think about the sterotypes of the African American race as a race when it comes to lighter and darker complexions when it comes to our race. I would have preferred the term for her used as just plain ugly. Bellamy painted a perfectly good picture of her and did not have to go further. It was like I could see for myself what she looked like. The reader could really see Carolyn for what she was at the end of the book. I thought it was awesome how this character, Carolyn, had everything bottled up and how she exploded in the hotel room telling Denise how she really felt. She seemed like the only one of the characters to me that told it like it was when it came to Denise. Nothing was sugar coated wh en she went there telling Denise how she felt and what she thought of her because it was all so true on how she viewed Denise. She really hit it on the nail. Yes, there was a lot of deception about her leading up to her explosion which showed her true colors and motives.

Again, I really enjoyed reading Adrienne Bellamy's third novel. I can't wait until the Astrology book and Arrivals comes out. That sounds like that is going to be deep.

Love, Lies, Lust, and Greed , September 24, 2008

By Valerie Kersey Dobson (Stone Mountain, GA) - See all my reviews

Those are the ingredients in the "The Bitch Tried to Steal My Husband's Body." Adrienne Bellamy cooks up a compelling story of deception and adultery in Black Philadelphia. She takes you into 'Lenny's world' of drugs, alcohol and women in the neighborhood clubs and bars. Lenny Garner is the life of the party - handsome, outgoing, Mr. Personality - who is blinded by his addictions. He is the stylishly dressed, bar-hopping city patronage system employee.

Denise Garner is the gumshoe-paralegal-writer who relentlessly challenges insurance companies, hospitals, pension fund administrators and the Medical Examiner to prove that Lenny did not die of natural causes. Her research is exhausting, and the reader will feel her stress and frustration. She is determined to expose Lenny's partner, Carolyn Monroe, who she believes would benefit by his death. The women are polar opposites - Denise is portrayed as the attractive, suburban diva dealing with emotional and class issues, versus the ugly, conniving, struggling city dweller Carolyn.

This is a whirlwind affair with a host of characters and an unpredictable climax. If you have read Adrienne Bellamy's previous two novels - "Connecting" and "Departures" you will be intrigued by "The Bitch Tried to Steal My Husband's Body." Checkmate!

The Bitch Tried To Steal My Husband Body, September 17, 2008

By Bernard Hopewell

Dear Adrienne:

I began reading your latest book yesterday and finished this evening. If the letters you wrote were in bolder type, I could have finished sooner. Every bar you named was one of my hangouts, the good old days. I was inspired as you through so many phases and people to get to to your gold and your goal---to bury Miss Carolyn Monroe. Please don't dig her out of jail and beat her up some more. I remember the first book you wrote.

More power to you, girl

Sex, Lies and Two Wives--Wow!, September 12, 2008

By M. J. Anderson "Mawter" (Plymouth Meeting, PA., USA)

Phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!! Adrienne Bellamy at her best. Thank you Adrienne, for allowing me to be the first person to read the book, you even hand delivered it to me. I'll never forget that. Love ya!

You have got to get your hands on a copy of this book. Denise Garner got her "woman". Checkmate. She taught Ms. Carolyn a valuable lesson, don't mess with my husband!!!!!!! Denise and her legal team broke her down to the lowest common denominator. Sister girl thought she was going to get away with "murder", guess again. Checkmate.

Ms. Bellamy writes with the same vitality that you see and feel when in her presence. She will take you on a whirlwind throughout the book as you get to walk step by step with Denise Garner's character as she tries to find her deceased husband's body. All that she uncovers will blow your mind. To find out what happens from beginning to end you have to do what I did, get the book!!!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed.

And so it began...

They met in 1977. On this journey as she heads down Rocky Road with her then lover Lenny, this takes him down a familiar road-Adultery Avenue. Lenny and Denise make that left. She and her man traveled together a few miles and make a right turn onto Divorce Drive. He needed to stop there for a moment to get some business straight. A few miles down the road they approached Live-In Lane and bore right on to that. Two blocks down was the intersection of Pregnancy Pike and Childbirth Court. They took Childbirth and went nine blocks down to Maternity Lane. They stopped for a breather. Two miles down and to the right they encountered Wedding Way. They made a right onto that and stopped. Later, a few miles down they continued on and decided to check into Homestead Haven, a comfortable abode. They stayed twelve years resting up before completing their journey. The Homestead Haven faced a strip mall. The businesses sold a variety of items. One of the merchants sold betrayal, passion, lust and desire. His special of the day was "chicks on the side." Lenny purchased all of them. Another small establishment named "The Booty Call" boasted high priced items of Bigamy, Battery, and Broken Hearts and also offered Injured Body Parts at half price. Denise purchased two items and Lenny made a clean sweep walking out with everything. Subsequently, Lenny returned to that shop alone to buy another special of the day and was accosted by a female who was later captured. The charges against her were conspiracy, robbery, receiving stolen merchandise, negligence, reckless endangerment and fraud. The judge had to preside over the chicks on the side. While Lenny's body lay on a slab, one of these wenches continued to masquerade as his wife in drag with a phony marriage license in tow.

Close to a million dollars in insurance proceeds, a lifetime retirement pension and social security benefits are at stake that Denise Garner refuses to let a wench take-even though she had lived with Lenny for the past fourteen years.

Sit back, relax and watch this novel heat up all over the place. Denise Garner, the wifey-poo is gonna burn everybody. Let the court say Amen. Checkmate!


Lenny Garner: He loved the fast life, namely wine, women and song. He ditched his first wife for Denise and became Denise's weak ass, willpower deficient, alcohol and cocaine addicted husband.

Denise Garner: Sophisticated, street smart, and classy, pursued the American dream by marrying the notorious Lenny. She fell head over heels in love with him-just like all the rest.

Noelle Garner: A beautiful mix of her Mommy and Daddy, Denise and Lenny. Their daughter was a troubled teen.

Carolyn Monroe: She was certainly a nurse who looked out for her purse, and her "G" spot. First on her agenda was having Lenny Garner-despite any obstacles, more specifically described as wives and children.

Zena: Lenny's favorite first cousin who blew the whistle on Carolyn Monroe's scheme.

Detective Adam Hartman: A gumshoe that knew. He is determined to nail Carolyn Monroe.

Dr. Relman: The medical examiner who had to answer to Mrs. Lenny Garner.

Theresa Roglich: Lenny's oldest sister who loved him dearly. She is the matriarch of the Garner family.

Tony Marino, Esquire: Denise's attorney who is hell bent on collecting the cash on her behalf.

Angela O'Neill Pelham, Esquire: She is the other half of Denise's legal defense team. This one is an expert on estates and taxes and her mission is to sew the pension board up and keep Denise in check.

Dale: Sexy, seductive, smitten and a soothing soul for Denise-midway through her failing marriage to Lenny. Dale is the star of the steamy chapters titled Shaky Ground, Closing the Door and Showing Up. That thrill is never gone.

Sit back, relax and watch this novel heat up all over the place. Denise Garner, the wifey-poo is gonna burn everybody. Let the court say Amen. Checkmate!


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