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Hey People:

You know there is never a dull moment in my life.

I braved the crowd of 5000 people to be a contestant for the game show Deal Or No Deal on Friday, December 14 through December 15th. I made it through two auditions and then Deal Or No Deal scheduled me for a third audition for Sunday, December 16, 2007. They gave me a list of instructions and a stack of paperwork, and also had to come up with a six people to attend with me. They would be my crew. People who run TV Land move very quickly and I had a hard time coming up with six people in 24 hours, but you know your girl did it! Read below my E-mail to my attorney, Elinore Kolodner and it also went out to a lot of my buddies. Get a glimpse of what happened at that interview/audition.

Hey Elinore

All I can tell you is either Adrienne Bellamy and her crew will get on there because they are too damn crazy or they will be eliminated because they are too damn crazy. We played Deal last night at the final audition. I ended up with $001. Yep a penny: I had a fit. It was hilarious! Too much fun. They loved me. We find out the decision in February. My crew was as follows:

1. Lauren my beautiful White Vamp;

2. Richard, my hairdresser, long blonde hair and gorgeous;

3. Alia dress (should have been business casual) in some outfit I cannot describe also wearing a red wool hat looking like Amelia Airheart (that flying woman from a hundred years ago); Alia is a nursing student, well on her way to becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. Honor Student. Thank You God!

Here's a glimpse of the hat above. This photo

was taken in Manhattan where Alia purchased

it a few weeks before the taping. In this photo

left to right is Diana, Adrienne and Alia at the Hyatt

on Thanksgiving Day 2007.

5. Arlene all decked out in a gorgeous suit (age 62) dripping in diamonds. She's my Jewish friend and a knockout with a cane recovering from a leg surgery.

There are no words for this crew.

I had to quietly curse them out in the lobby when I found them all - all five of them chewing GUM!!!

I told them I would have done better finding some homeless people on Vine Street and bringing them with me.

I was dressed to KILL. I was so sharp they took some time on the video to ask me if I was in the clothing business.

Later, when I get time, I'll do a little story on the events. You know I had to tell Alia off when I lost my $1,000,000 because she was determined that damn red hat was a lucky charm and insisted on wearing it when I begged her to take it off before we started.

The paperwork was incredible. Unbelievable!! I had to even write a rap song, a shot story and answer a zillion questions. About 13 pages.

We also had photo shoots.

If they want us--They fly us out to Los Angeles

Luv ya


4. Darren, a friend of the family appeared in some jeans from Walmart and a sweatshirt) ??? That was his interpretation of Business casual. Lord have mercy. Darren has a degree in mechanical engineering and is currently in nursing school stuydying to be a Nurse Anesthetist.

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