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It's about time you were introduced to Adrienne Bellamy, not only the author of the hot selling novel, Departures, but also this Paralegal and Nanny was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She absolutely adores children so you'll find lots of sweet little rascals in all her novels. She's been blessed with a gregarious personality coupled with an incredible imagination, both of which filter through to the pages of her novels and land you unable to "put them down." Adrienne wrote her first poem at age six and since then, her hobbies have included anything from writing grocery lists and letters to song lyrics and television commercials. Departures was the first attempt at a novel by this single parent of two daughters and her work has intrigued and captured readers since 2002.

By popular demand, pleading, threats to do bodily harm and sheer desire by fans and readers, she completed the sequel to Departures, titled Connecting. Connecting hit the shelves of all bookstores in March of 2005 features most of the characters in Departures and a few new characters.

Yes--now you can have more of Adrienne in her new releases titled The Bitch Tried To Steal My Husband's Body and Lust, Lies and Two Wives and Arrivals. They are available everywhere. Check them out on this site--opening chapters available for you to read.

Hot Dogs, which you have impatiently awaited--will be coming.

Sit back, relax and laugh your butt off-Adrienne's gonna continue to make you love her.

Thank you, author Linda Goodman. I love your books. You are one smart Aries cookie and have taught me so much. I miss you. I know you are giving the Angels astrology readings. It is my pleasure to borrow the following quote from one of my favorites by you titled Love Signs.


Libra- 10/14/53

"The older Librans grow, the wiser they become. After playing both judge and jury, and weighing decisions of yes and no, wrong or right, stop or go, thousands of times, a person gradually begins to have confidence in what he (or she) is doing. It takes practice.

Libra men and women (and children) never pretend to know things they don't know, as some of the other Sun Signs tend to do. They ask. They deliberate. They discuss. If they're in doubt, they frankly admit "I'm in doubt." They're obsessed by a moral compulsion to do the fair thing, rather than the unfair thing. To do something that they consider morally wrong, gravely disturbs their consciences. That's why, when a Libra finally does say something, people believe it's trustworthy---and nine times out of ten, it is."

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